Hi! My name is Britta and I’m the face behind Planet Lacquer. As well as the Instagram account @cosmicgrlnails.

PlanetLacquer is home to beautiful polish swatches, stunning nail art, and exciting happenings in the nail polish community. My mission is to provide a space for not only myself to grow as a creator, but to support and encourage others to follow their passions as well.

After kicking the bad habit of fingernail biting back in 2018 I created Planet Lacquer as a way to keep up with my ever-growing mostly indie nail polish collection. It has since turned into a passion project to help and support both polish fans and small businesses.

There are so many things to check out, keep up with and get involved in – let me be your tour guide to it all at Planet Lacquer!

When I’m not painting my fingernails or finding a new favorite small business, you might find me behind a video game controller or a camera. I also enjoy whipping up delicious dinners in the kitchen, sipping tea while listening to audiobooks, or catching up on my favorite science fiction shows.

Five Favorites:

Favorite Color: I favor blues, but honestly I love all colors.

Favorite things to listen to: Electronic (dance music). Claptrap beatbox time!

Favorite thing to watch: The Expanse! Some special guests: Blade Runner 2049 (and okay, the original too), Titan A.E. (even though it was kind of a disaster for Fox Animation Studios eek!), and of course Star Wars.

Favorite things to read: If you thought I was going to say Science Fiction, I’m sorry to slightly disappoint you. My favorite audiobook genre is best-selling mysteries and thrillers. I have a soft spot for young/new adult science fiction and fantasy. Feel free to connect with me on Goodreads to see what I’m currently reading/listening to!

Favorite things to sip: Moroccan Mint Tea, Boba Tea (for life!), or Iced Matcha Latte