December 2021 – Everything Coming Soon

December 2021 – Everything Coming Soon

Welcome to Everything Coming Soon – December 2021. Does it low-key still feel like sometime in early 2021 for anyone else? Or even 2020?? There’s a song by Odesza called ‘How Did I Get Here’ that I sing to myself when I realize it’s DECEMBER 2021.

While part of me is still lost in the past somewhere (ahaha my sanity) another part of me is still recovering from ALL THE BLACK FRIDAY SALES this past weekend. As I sit here writing this ON Cyber Monday I’m like wait, wait where’s the pause button?? Another month?? I am NOT ready. I’m not ready!!!

December doesn’t care, out there shouting “IM HERE!”. I guess we have no other choice than to give it some attention with some boxes & preorders & launches & restocks & holiday cheer – Let’s go!

Hi! HEy! ALOHA! Is it your first time here? I’m SO glad you’ve found us! Everything Coming Soon is a blog series featuring all the upcoming (polish/indie) releases in one place. Or, at least, all the things on my radar. If you know of any releases I’m missing please comment below or Share A Release and I’ll add them! Releases are listed by date.

Note: It’s important to note that this post won’t really be finalized until the end of the month. As new events are created and discovered they will be added. It’s an ever-evolving updated every Sunday-ish feed. Want to stay up to date? Subscribe to the blog newsletter!

I’m so happy to have you here and using this post as a reference guide to help shop each month. I do my best to provide the most accurate information, but it’s important to keep in mind that dates and prices are always subject to change after I enter them into the post. You can always find more information on releases from brand shops and Facebook Group. Thanks for stopping by!

Bee’s Knees Lacquer

What: Buzzmas
When: 12/3 -12/8
Info: Each day has a new event. Check out the event in the FB group for all the info!

Shop / FB Group

Polish Pickup

What: An indie marketplace that is open once a month for four days. Each month features a new theme. This is a pre-order shop
When: 12/3 – 12/6
Theme: Cozy Vibes

Shop / FB Group

Britta’s Creepy Treasures – Wax!

What: Pre-Order Event
When: 12/4 – 12/12
Info: Tat is 8 weeks from Pre Order Close (should ship February 7th or before) – Note: If you’re new to vendor wax this is a normal TAT – Check out the FB group fro more information, scents, etc

Shop / FB Group

Fandom Flakies

What: Fandom Flakies is a monthly box featuring Bee’s Knees Lacquer and Night Owl Lacquer with a guest maker each month
Guest Maker:  TBA
Theme: TBA
When: 12/10 –
Price: $30 + Shipping

Winter Lovers Collab

What: A once-a-year marketplace for indie items inspired by winter.
When: 12/10 – 12/18
Info: See FB Group

Shop / FB Group

Hella Handmade Creations (HHC)

What: An Indie marketplace that opens once a month featuring a variety of items for pre-order.
12/14 (Pre-order)

HHC Shop / FB Group

Polished Gamers Box

What: An Indie marketplace that is open once a month. Each month features a new game theme and items are inspired around that them
Theme: God of War
When: 12/15

Shop / FB Group

Wildflower Lacquer

What: Sofishticated Collection 2.0
When: 12/17 – 12/21 Rescheduled for January 2022
Info: Event

Shop / FB Group

Vapid Lacquer

What: Space Cadet Series
When: 12/18 1 pm Central

Shop / FB Group

Jillybean Polish – NEW BRAND ALERT!!!

What: Time & Space Collection
When: 12/21 6 pm EST

Shop / FB Group