Facebook Groups Listpalooza

Facebook Groups Listpalooza

Facebook groups are amazing! They really make the community of indie polish and beyond. But, there are a TON of them because this community is MASSIVE! Here’s a list of all of them in one big Facebook Groups Mega List!

If you see one missing make a comment below!


Because there are so many Facebook groups in the polish community I’ve split them into 7 different categories:

Brands – Glitter obsessed scientists, happiness bottlers, artist inspirers – there are many names for nail polish makers and here you’ll find all of their Facebook fan groups. Where connecting with your favorite maker, their polishes and other fans has never been easier.

Collab – Where makers team up to release special edition boxes. Think HHC, PPU, TITM, FTLOP, etc

Color + Finish – Pink, orange, blue, brown, holo, flakie, shimmer, multichrome, and more! Check out these groups for all the specific colors and finishes.

Fandom – Love nails AND books, nails AND cats, nails AND games, nails AND….okay, you get the point. Fandom section is for your nails and whatever fandom you’re obsessed with.

Destash – Drawers overflowing with polish? Converted one of your kids rooms into nail polish storage? In search of a rare polish? Missed last months polish pickup? Check out these groups for all your buy / sell / trade / iso needs.

Chat – Not only do we love painting our nails and then staring dreamily at them all day, but CHATTING about polish! Check out these groups to discuss and/or gush over polish with others.

Resources – Want to start swatching but need help with cameras? Want to connect with brands looking for swatchers? Ever thought about making polish but needed a good place to start? Check out resources for all of the above!


1422 Design Divas – 1422 Design

1850 Poppies

A Lovely Bunch of Bananas – Indigo Bananas

Adored Colors

Alchemy Lacquers Lab

All About That Stamp – Lantern & Wren Fan Group

Alter Ego Body Care Products

Anchored For Anchor & Heart Lacquer

Atomic Polish Fans: The Nerd Herd

Attack Of The Zombie Claws – Zombie Claw Polish

Baroness X – The Inner Sanctum

BCB Lacquers Nail Fanatics

Bee’s Knees Buzz – Bee’s Knees Lacquer

BEGLove – Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer

Black Dahlia Lacqueristas

Bloubirds of a Feather – Bluebird Lacquer

By Dany Vianna Artisan Nail Polish

By Vanessa Molina

Cadillacquer Squad – Cadillacquer Nail Polish

Cameo’s Colouristas

Cat Tail Nails Fan Chat

Chirality Polish Collectors

Colores de Carol and Friends

Crow and Opal Nail Lacquer

Crystal Knockout – Page

Cupcake Nail Polish Lovers

Cuter Cuticles’ Cuties

Cuticula Clique

Dam Nail Polish Fans

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Page

Dark and Twisted Lacquer’s Darklings

Dark Moon’s Luna-tics

Daveen Lacquer League

Delushous Lovelies – Delush Polish

Dew Nail Polish – page

DRK Nails DIY Artisan Polish Lab

Emily de Molly Fan Group

Ethereal Lacquer Lovers

Fair Maidens: Fierce & Fabulous! – Fair Maiden Polish

Femme Fatale Fiends – Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Geekish Glitter Lacquer Geeks

Glam Polish Fans

GlitterDaze Nail Polish Lovers and Friend

Glorious Glisten & Glow Lovers

Great Lakes Lacquer Lovers

Harts on Fire

Heather’s Hue-t-pies – Heather’s Hues Nail Polish

Hit the Bottle

Holo Taco Fan Club / Holo Taco Lovers – both unofficial groups

I Love Baby Girl Lacquer!

I Need KBShimmer In My Life – KB Shimmer Polish

It Girls Club – In Girl Nail Art

Jen & Berries Polished Patch

Jillybean Polish Peeps

Jior Couture Polish Mavens

Kathleen & Co Nail Society

Krazy for Krisable Designs

Lacquer is in the Air

Lacquer U.P Nails

Le Polish Lovelies

Leesha’s Lacquer Lovelies

Lemming Lacquer Legion

Lollipop’s Posse – Lollipop Posse Lacquer

Loud BABBS – Loud Lacquer

Love Letter to Scofflaw – Scofflaw Varnish

Lucky 13 Lacqueristas

Lumen Lovers

LynB Loves – LynB Designs

M.C. Beauties – Music City Polish

ManMade by J&S – Facemasks!

MLF Lacquer Lounge

Moon shine Mani Fans

MoYou Pro

My Indie Polish Posse

Nail Artisan Cosmetics Polish-Aholics

Nailed It! Bath & Beauty Bliss

Nails by Virgo Moon – page

Naps and Nails

Necessary Evil Lair – Necessary Evil Polish

NeVerMind Polish Coven

Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquerd Up – Night Owl Lacquer

Nine Zero Lacquer Lovers

Noodles Nail Polish Fans

Nvr Enuff ffans

Pahlish Lovers

Paint It Pretty Polish Fans

Painted Moonflowers – Moonflower Polish

Painted Phalanges Fan Group

Parrot Polish Party People

Peachtree Polish and Bonparsco Fans

Pepper Pot Polish Party

PI Colors Fam

piCture pOlish lOvers

Pinnacle Polish – page

Polish ‘M Fans

Polish Molish

Polished For Days Peeps – Polished For Days Polish

Portal to a Different Dimension – Different Dimension Nail Polish

Psyched for Psyche Minerals – Psyche Minerals and Nail Polish

R&P Jewelry

Red Eyed Lacquer’s Rebels

Rogue Lacquer – Gone Rogue

Saki Lacquer Lovers

Sassy Cats Lacquer

Sassy Sauce Sistas

Sayuri Sweethearts

Serum No. 5 Lacquer Lovers

Sinfully Polished Nails

Smitten With Dreamland

Soothing Soul Fan Group

Starbeam Starlites

Starrily Nail Polish Fans

Stella Chromatics

Supernaturally Lacquered – Supernatural Lacquer

Swamp Gloss Critters – Swamp Gloss Polish

Sweet & Sour Squad

Takko Nail Polish Fans

The Octosquad – An Octopus Party Nail

The Painted Polish Posse

The PWA Family

The Soapy Chef’s Kitchen

Tonic Nail Polish

Top Shelf Lacquer fans

Twisting Nether Lacquer – page

Vapid Wax – Wax for melting, not for eating

Vapricorns – Vapid Lacquer

Venus Lacquers Fan Page

Vibrant Vinyls

Wild for Wildflower Lacquer


A Game of Clue Collab

Battle of the Bottles

For The Love of Polish Box

Halloween Cursed Box

Hella Handmade Creations

Indie brand Collective Sale

Le Petite Indies

Little Box Of Horrors

Makers Dozen Polish Collaboration

Polish & Beauty Expo

Polish Pickup Pack

Sparkle & Shine

Stardust. A Shimmer Collective

Talk Indie To Me

The Charity Box (no longer operating)

The Indie Lab (no longer operating)

The Indie Spectrum

The Polish Palette

Winter Polish Lovers



AquaMinTeal Lacquer Addicts

Black Hearted Beauties – A Nail Polish Group

BlurpleWinkle Polish Lovers

Bonkers for Blue batches

Brown Beauties: A Nail Polish Group

Crazy 4 Crellies

Creme Friends – Lover of Creme Polish

Fantasmic Flakies

Gimme Some Shimmer

Glitz & Glitter Groupies

Goldfingers – a gold nail polish lovers group

Green Polish Forever

Grey Nail Polish Fanatics


The Holo Haven

Holy Shift – Thermal Nail Polish Lovers

Impeccably Iridescent

In A Flash – for Lovers of Reflective Glitter Polishes

Keep Your Toppers On

Lacquered In White, Polishes Beyond The Pale

Magnetic Nail Polish Lovers

Matte Polish Lovers

Multichrome Lovers United

Multichrome Madness

Nail Neutrality

Neon Lights – For Lovers of Neon Polish

Olive Polish

Orange You Glad to Be Here

Pastel Neon Polish Lovers

Pink Polish Preferred

Polished Jewel Society

Put It In Neutral! An Indie Polish Group

Rainbows & Unicorn Pee

Red Nail Polish PreferRED


Solar Powered Nail Polish

Ugly-Pretty Lacquer-Lovers

Undies For Indies

Yellow Polish Lovers


Disney Digits – Love Disney and nail polish? This is the place for you!

Essie Nail Polish Lovers

Falloween Polish Lovers – For lovers of Fall/ Halloween and nail polish

For The Love Of Christmas! Holiday Nail Polish Lovers – Christmas and nail polish

Khajiit has Group Buy, if you has Want – Geeky stamping plates group buy group of group

MaryJane & Manicures – Chill out and show off a manicure

Nail Polish Because Cats – CATS

Novels and Nails – Every want your favorite book to inspire a nail polish? Check out this group to learn how!

Polish My Fandom – Polish for whatever your fandom is (group has been archived, no longer able to post or comment)

Polish ReVamped – Vampy, dark and moody polishes are welcomed

Polished Gamers – Nail polish and games! This is also the fan group for The Polished Gamers Box!

Pops N Polish – Funko Pops and polish

Sci-Fi Because Nails – Science Fiction fandoms and nails!

Simply Nailogical Holo Club – Holo Taco/Simply Nailogical

Winter Polish Lovers – Polishes fit for any frozen day and those who love the cold


(The Nearly No Rules) Nail Polish Sales – Buy / Sell / Trade / ISO palooza, read the rules, no chatter

Bee’s Knees Lacquer ISO/Sales/Trades – BST / ISO for only BKL products

Destash Your Indies! – Fringe group for destashing your wax, bath body, skincare, candles and perfumes.

Ethereal Lacquer Buy/Sell/Trade (Officially Unofficial)

Ethereal Lovers Buy/Sell/Trade

Indie Polish Talk/Swap/Sale

Maniology Buy/Sell/Trade!

Nail Art Supplies Destash

Nail Stamping & More Swap/Sell/Trade

Nail Stamping Sisterhood Thrift Market

No BS Nail Polish Sales

No Trash Destash – Indies/Boutique only, no mainstream

Polish Pickup BST/Chat – General PPU chatter, but also a good place to destash or ISO any past PPU polishes

The DUMP – Destash Ur Mainstream Polish

The FF Bazaar – BST / ISO for only Femme Fatale products

Tonic Polish – Swap & Sell- Officially Unofficial – BST / ISO for only Tonic products

TSS Buy-Sell-Trade – The Stamping Shop BST

Vapids Only Swap, Sale & Trade – BST/ ISO for only Vapid products

Wildflower Lacquer Buy/Sell/ISO


Acetone Alley – Not for the faint of heart, read the damn rules (group has been deleted by admin)

Acetone Alley’s Chatty Cattery – Nail polish and beyond! (group has been deleted by admin)

Hella Handmade Creations Afterparty – Chat about HHC

Indie Nail Polish And More

Indie Polish News

Indie Polish Sales & News

Indie Polish With A Side Of…Everything?

Mainstream Nail Polish Aisle

Nail Polish of the World

Nail Polish Sales/Swaps/Hauls and Convo

Nail Stamping Sisterhood

Polish Junkies

Polish Mania – A safe place for nail polish addicts

Polished POC – This group is for people of color who love nail polish & makeup and wish to share and support brands/swatchers who are POCs.

The Indie Love & Light Project

The Nail Room – The news room for nails

The REAL Nail Addicts

Toluene Trashcan – Where all anons are welcome

World Of Indie Nail Polish


All Indie Products – Launches, Restocks, Sales and Giveaways

BIPOC Swatcher Connection – Connecting BIPOC swatchers of any level with polish makers for swatching

Collabs – Pictures for Products – Group on the fringe of the community, specifically for product photos (not swatches, nail art)

Indie Polish BLACK FRIDAY!

Indie Polish Buyer Beware – Scammers are out there, this is a good place to check for them

Making Indie Nail Polish 101 – Read the Files first

Melanated & Manicured – Connecting BIPOC swatchers/bloggers with medium to dark skin tones with indie/artisan makers.

Nail Ambassadors – Sharing Is Caring – A community specifically for sharing your affiliate codes

Nail Bloggers

Nail Polish comparisons & Dupes

Nails & Cameras – All cameras welcomed

NNR Chat & Advice

Restock Ready

Swatcher/Maker Network – connecting makers with swatchers

The Nail Polish Price & Advice Group