Indie Polish Shop List by xoxo, Jen

Indie Polish Shop List by xoxo, Jen

Indie Polish Shop List by xoxo, Jen

Hi Polish Friends! I love lists! I love making lists, creating more lists, and hoarding keeping lists. Talking about lists and checking lists created by others that pertain to things I like. Finding random dropped grocery lists in grocery store parking lots. Lists on lists! (That moment when you’ve typed lists so much you don’t know if you are correctly spelling lists anymore. I’m there.)

The list I have for y’all today is one created by nail polish blogger: xoxo, Jen. Back in 2012, Jen decided to go on an epic adventure in the indie nail polish world to find and collect all indie nail polish brands. She succeeded and created a giant list. To this very day, she still keeps it up to date. Adding new brands as they arrive on the scene. Check out the bottom of her post for extra information on how the list came to be.

I’d like to encourage y’all to check it out, share it with your friends, bookmark it, and reference it whenever you want to check out all the indie nail polish brands. It’s an absolutely amazing resource. Jen is a fantastic swatcher and blogger – if you love her website subscribe to it. If you love the master list let her know by commenting on her blog. Don’t forget about her socials!

xoxo, Jen (blog) / @xoxojencom (insta + twitter) / xoxo Jen (facebook page)

Want to add a Indie Polish brand to the list?

It’s important that I make it very clear that this is not my list. I had no hand in making it. If a brand you love, know of, or if your own brand is not on the list please use Jen’s contact form on her blog or email her. If you comment on my post I’ll do my best to get the information to Jen, but again, the best way is to contact xoxo, Jen directly (through contact form/email). Thanks!

Look What Jen Made Me!

When I first reached out to Jen to get permission to use her photo (the image above, permission is important) we had talked about adding a sidebar image. I figured we’d just throw up the same pic, but then Jen TOTALLY surprised me with a custom-colored image in the perfect size. Yes! Jen matched her original picture to Planet Lacquer’s color scheme. AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much, Jen!

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