October 2020 – Everything Coming Soon

October 2020 – Everything Coming Soon

Welcome to Everything Coming Soon – October 2020. All the upcoming releases in one place. Or, at least, all the things on my radar. If you know of any releases I’m missing please comment below and I’ll add them! Releases are listed by date.

It’s important to note that this post won’t really be finalized until the end of the month. As new events are created and discovered they will be added. It’s an ever-evolving updated every Sunday feed. I strongly encouraged you to check in a few times a month or sign up for emails!

Let’s dive in!

KB Shimmer – All The Fall Things Collection

All the fall things, leaf care leaf brings, I’ll take one PSL, your scarf, best road trip.

Okay, I TRIED! ? Every time I hear about KB Shimmer’s All The Fall Things collection I undoubtedly get All The Small Things by Blink 182 stuck in my head.

The collection has something for everyone – holo, flakies, chunky hex glitters. Available October 1st for $10.00 a polish or grab the whole 9 piece collection for $85.00. Also available is KB Shimmer’s 2020 Halloween Trio for $29.00.

KB Shimmer Shop / Facebook Group

BCB Lacquer – The Harvest Collection

If you missed BCB Lacquer‘s Battle of the Bottle event in September don’t even worry! The 6 shimmery cremes featured in the battle have been officially released!

Grab the whole collection for $58 for all 6 or $10.40 each! Two new cuticle oils will also be available (sold separately) in scents pear and apple!

BCB Lacquers / Facebook Fan Group / Instagram / Planet Lacquer Blog Post

ILNP – Wicked Collection

If you only have eyes for holo you’ve got to check out ILNP Wicked Collection. Perfect for the season and filled with HOLO! Moody, daring, and badass this collection will leave you breathless.

Available October 2nd grab the whole collection for $72.50 or $10.00 – $12.50 per bottle.

ILNP Shop / Facebook Group

Loud Lacquer – Aqua Tofana

Loud Lacquer has a new collection collaboration with Bailey Sarian dropping October 2nd. Featuring 4 new polishes for $55.00 for the whole collection. Singles coming soon.

Loud Lacquer Shop / Facebook Group

Polish Pickup – Animation

Animation has finally arrived! Preorders start Friday, October 2nd at 11 am EST through Monday, October 5th. Lots of treats for everyone this month and ALL THE POLISHES for October!

Polish Pickup Shop / Facebook Group

Saki Lacquer – Halloween Trio Launch

Saki Lacquer is kicking off October with a Halloween inspired trio. Pastel Goth, Best Witches, and Carving Pumpkins will be available on October 2nd for $11.00 each. With names like these, you won’t want to miss out!

Saki Lacquer Shop / Facebook Group

MLF Lacquer – The Haunted Trio + Halloween Advent

MLF Lacquer is coming full force this Halloween season. First off, MLF is offering up a Haunted Trio. I’m obsessed with the names: Clairvoyant, Paranormal, and Spirit Orbs. You can grab the trio as a set, individually, or in an Advent Calendar box.

Speaking of, MLF is bringing us a Halloween Advent Calendar! The calendar features The Haunted Trio + 2 mystery polishes and 3 other MLF Lacquer products. Grab the calendar for $40.00 shipped (approximately $75.00 worth of product). It’s encouraged to open the 8 days leading up to Halloween, but you can open all at once if you want!

MLF Lacquer Shop / Facebook Group

Penelope Luz – Dancing Queen Collection

Penelope Luz is bringing us a Dancing Queen collection on October 7th! The collection features 8 polishes inspired by Abba’s Dancing Queen hit. This collection will be available exclusively at Lantern & Wren for US and international fans!

Penelope Luz Shop / Facebook Group

The Charity Box – Comfy & Cozy

October’s Charity Box is offering a collection of comfy and cozy inspired items. Sales will open October 8th through October 17th. this month’s donations will be going to Mental Health America.

Charity Box Shop / Facebook Group / Instagram

Fandom Flakies – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

October’s Fandom Flakies Box theme is…Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Like a lot of you, I grew up watching Buffy. I would religiously check the tv guide – back in the day when it was a physical copy – for that week’s synopsis.

Joining BKL and Night Owl will be Lollipop Posse Lacquer. Preorders start October 9th and end the 16th. There are some really great Buffy items this month so make sure you check out the Facebook group!

The Fandom Flakies Box is a monthly box with two core makers: Bee’s Knees Lacquer and Night Owl + one guest maker. Each month is themed after an assortment of fandoms!

Fandom Flakies Shop / Facebook Group

LynB Designs – Spooky Myths & Legends Collection

LynB Designs is bringing us another Halloween inspired collection and I love it! Spooky Myths and Legends collection features 6 frighteningly beautiful thermals named after myths and legends. Like, Beware the Black Eye Children and Poisoned Candy Corn.

The collection will release on October 9th. Each polish will be $12.00 or grab the whole collection for $70.00. Itti from GlamUp Nails has some jaw-dropping swatches so make sure you check out her youtube video!

Lyn B Designs Shop / Facebook Group / GlamUp Nails Youtube Swatch

Matterhorn Oil – Fall Collection & Spooky

Breaking news! Matterhorn Oil has a Facebook Group….AND new collections coming very, very soon.

On October 9th both Fall inspired oils and Spooky inspired oils will be available for preorder through Oct 12th. Make sure you check out the Facebook group for all the scent descriptions.

Matterhorn Oil Shop / Facebook Group

Moon Shine Mani – Never Underestimate a Droid Collection

Moon Shine Mani is rolling, scooting, and beep bop booping into our lives with a Star Wars Droid inspired collection. The Never Underestimate a Droid collection features 5 different polishes all priced at $12.00 each or grab the whole collection for $42.00. Arriving in your galaxy on October 9th.

Moon Shine Mani Shop / Facebook Group

Red Eyed Lacquer – Notorious RGB

Red Eyed Lacquer was inspired by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and created a beautiful bold blue holo! Notorious RGB is a blue holo with purple/teal shifting shimmer and aqua/purple/pink shifting flakies.

Available for preorder Oct 9th – Octo 16th for $11.00. $5.00 of every bottle will be donated to one of Justice Ginsburg’s favorite charities: Malala Fund.

Red Eyed Lacquer Shop / Facebook Group 

Pahlish – Halloween 2020 LE Collection

Pahlish is opening its Halloween 2020 LE Collection for preorder starting October 11th. There will be 6 spooky and cute shades available for $13.00 each. All 6 of these polishes will only be available this month and will not be restocked after October 2020.

Pahlish Shop / Facebook Group

Polish ‘M – COTM

Polish ‘M Shop / Facebook Group

Hella Handmade Creations

Hella Handmade Creations is a monthly artisan nail polish and other beauty products online store. Pre-orders start each month on the 14th and end on the 21st. Instead of an overall theme for the shop, each maker chooses its own theme and runs a short series of polishes inspired by the theme.

Hella Handmade Creations Shop / Facebook Group

Painted Polish – Ghosted Trio!

To celebrate Halloween, Painted Polish is releasing three polishes inspired by spooky season. The Ghosted Trio will be available on October 14th at 5pm PST. Also featuring in this release will be a mystery crelly as well as a limited final restock of the Rise & Grind Quartet and Cool Beans.

Le Petite Indies – No Tricks Just Treats

The Le Petite Indie box is back again for this holiday season. Starting off first in October with a No Tricks Just Treats 2020 preorder beginning on October 15th and ending October 19th.

Le Petite Indies Shop / Facebook Group

Polished Gamers Box – Pokemon!

I want to be the very best, Like no one ever was! To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause! Pokemon!

If you have the catchy song stuck in your head for the rest of the day, you’re welcome! This month’s Polished Gamers Box is themed…POKEMON! Y’all the contributions I’ve seen so far are STUNNNNNNNING! So make sure you catch them all in the Facebook group.

Polished Gamers Box is an ala-carte type monthly box/virtual shop. The shop opens for preorders each month on the 15th through the 20th.

Polished Gamers Box Shop / Facebook Group

Red Eyed Lacquer – You Owe Me Restitution!

Red Eyed Lacquer Shop / Facebook Group / Nerd Life Nails Blog post

Olive Polish Group – Monthly Custom

Did y’all know there is an Olive Polish lovers group on Facebook? There is! October’s guest maker is Great Lakes Lacquer!

GLL is bringing Olive Succulents – A dirty green olive absolutely glowing with a blue/purple/magenta/orange shifting aurora shimmer, surrounded by a strong scattered holographic. Available on October 16th through October 31st for $13.00.

Olive Polish Facebook Group / Great Lakes Lacquer

Scofflaw Nail Varnish – Halloween 2020

Scofflaw Nail Varnish will be bringing 3 new Halloween limited editions for 2020. The treats don’t stop there, 4 Halloween polishes from 2019 will be brought back for the party. As well as a restock of other favorites. The cherry on top – free shipping with US orders over $50.00.

Scofflaw Shop / Facebook Group

Talk Indie To Me – Autumn Aesthetic

Hosted by Zombie Claw Polish, September’s Talk Indie To Me is Everything Pumpkin! TITM Box is a monthly box by Zombie Claw and Sweet & Sour with rotating guest makers.

Red Eyed Lacquer will be joining the gang for October’s Autumn Aesthetic! Preorders start October 16th and end October 23rd.

Talk Indie To Me (TITM) Shop / Facebook Group 

Zombie Claw Polish – Slasher Palette

Zombie Claw Shop / Facebook Group 

Seventy Seven Lacquer – 25 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

Can you believe that the holiday season is just around the corner? Seventy Seven Lacquer is creating a Christmas Advent Calendar. Preorders will start on October 17th through November 7th. The advent calendar will include 25 new polishes plus extra goodies.

Seventy Seven Lacquer Shop / Facebook Group

Nailed It! Nail Polish – Supernatural Fan Favorites Collection

*Release was original scheduled for October 11th, but due to bottle shipment release has been rescheduled to October 18th*

If you love the Supernatural Fandom then you may know Nailed It! Nail Polish is a place to pick up Supernatural inspired polishes. October’s collection is inspired by Supernatural and features 6 fan-favorite polishes.

Nailed It Nail Polish Shop / Facebook Group

The Indie Shop – Trick or Treat

shop info

The Indie Lab – Spooky Season

The Indie Lab Shop / Facebook Group / Instagram

BCB Lacquer – Dark Mermaid Collection

BCB Lacquers / Facebook Fan Group / Instagram /

Bee’s Knees Lacquer – Lovecraft Country

Bee’s Knees Shop / Facebook Grou

The Polish Nook – Christmas Horror Movies

The Polish Nook is teaming up with Red Eyed Lacquer to bring a Christmas Horror Collection! Pre-order starts October 23rd and ends November 2nd.

Polished Nook Shop / Instagram

Wildflower Lacquer – 4th annual Alzheimer’s Awareness

Wildflower Lacquer Shop / Facebook Group / Facebook Event

1422 Designs – You Are Always Enough

1422 Designs has a preorder starting on October 25th through November 7th for a polish named You Are Always Enough. You Are Always Enough was created for and named by Ebony (@crazy4polish0319), whose husband passed away tragically in July.

A large portion of each bottle sold will be donated to Ebony and her family. Swatches coming soon so make sure to check out the 1422 Designs Facebook group!

1422 Designs Store / Facebook Group

Psyche Collab – Hosted by Swamp Gloss

Ever wanted to be a psychic, or better yet, a psychic private detective? Well, you can live out your dreams vicariously by watching Psyche! Three indie makers did just that and were so inspired they created 6 indie items inspired by the long time running show Psyche!

Geekish Glitter Lacquer, Red Eyed Lacquer, and Swamp Gloss Polish came together to create 3 polishes and 3 bath and body items inspired by a favorite tv show: Psyche! The collab will be available on October 30th!


Stardust. A Shimmer Collective – Horror Films

Stardust Shop / Facebook Group

Cast-A-Spell Box – Hosted by Night Owl Lacquer

Cast-A-Spell box is an annual collaboration of indie polish makers celebrating the day Harry Potter lived. The polishes are inspired and themed from spells used in the Harry Potter universe (books & movies).

This years box will be available for preorder on October 31st at 1:00 PM MST through November 7th at midnight. The box can be yours for $45.00 + shipping. $5.00 from each box will be donated to The Trevor Project.

Cast-A-Spell Box Shop / Facebook Event

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