Polished Gamers Box – Mario – Jan 2021

Polished Gamers Box – Mario – Jan 2021

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Hello, it’s a me, Mario!

Okay, okay, I’m not realllly Mario. But if I could be…I would be? Who wouldn’t want to smoosh mushrooms, head butt blocks for coins and travel through green tubes?

That’s not your dream job/how you want to spend your time? I mean, I guess that’s okay and we can still be friends. Would you rather have some freaking amazing nail polish and other items inspired by Mario?!?!?

If you jumped up and down shouting yes then you are in luck! This month’s Polished Gamers Box is themed Mario. All. The. Mario! I have two items for January’s box to show off today, but before we get to the pretties let’s go over a few things about the box.

The Sassy Shark – Question Block Magnet

I love seeing what Sassy Shark offers up each month as it’s often a glitter treasure inspired one of my favorite fandoms that I MUST HAVE! Sassy Shark’s contribution to January’s box is not a disappointment. Look at this Question Block Magnet!

The Question Block Magnet is a 2 in x 2 in epoxy resin piece. $7.00 to purchase with a cap of 50. Sassy Shark took inspiration from the question block found in Mario games.

Price: $7.00
Cap: 50

Swamp Gloss – King Boo

Swamp Gloss Polish is offering a deliciously spooky thermal inspired by King Boo. Named the same, King Boo is a black (cold) to white (warm) thermal with pink/green shimmer and iridescent flakies.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Swamp Gloss’s thermals. They always transition beautifully and King Boo is no exception. Anyone who wears King Boo will be able to experience both warm and cold shades. As always, application was easy and opaqueness was achieved in three coats.

Price: $13.00
Cap: 150

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