July 2021 – Everything Coming Soon

July 2021 – Everything Coming Soon

Welcome to Everything Coming Soon – May 2021. All the upcoming releases in one place. Or, at least, all the things on my radar. If you know of any releases I’m missing please comment below or Share A Release and I’ll add them! Releases are listed by date.

It’s important to note that this post won’t really be finalized until the end of the month. As new events are created and discovered they will be added. It’s an ever-evolving updated every Sunday-ish feed. Want to stay up to date? Subscribe to the blog!

Look! An international time zone map. Yey! I’ve made a few other changes with more on the way. I hope you love them. 😀 Alright, let’s get to Everything Coming Soon in July!

Cupcake Nail Polish

What: 30% Off Sale!
July 1st through July 4th

Cupcake Shop / FB Group

Dark & Twisted Lacquer

What: Siren Collection
Launches July 1st at 2 pm EST

Dark & Twisted Shop / FB Group

Ethereal Lacquer

What: Gemini and Cancer Pre-order
Pre-order opens July 1st at 9 pm EDT

Ethereal Lacquer Shop / FB Group

Garden Path Lacquers

What: The Floriography Collection
When: June 29th through July 3rd for Pre-order
Price: $11.00 – $12.50 individually or $105.00 for the complete collection

Garden Path Shop / FB Group

Kawaii Stamping Plate Pre-order

What: Kawaii stamping plate pre-order from The Custom Nail Plate Project
Now till July 31st, 11:59 pm EST
$18 per plate

The Custom Nail Plate Project Facebook Group

Lumen Nails

What: Kaleidoscope Mystery Bags
When: June 25th – July 2nd (12 AM EDT)
Price: $30.00 + shipping

Lumen Nails Shop / FB Group

Night Owl Lacquer

What: Blooming Collection + June Creme of the Month
When: June 18th through July 2nd at 7 pm EDT
Inspiration: Summer Flowers
Price: Individual shades for $10-$12 or $62 for the whole collection
Creme of the Month: Sand Castles – a pale sandy tan creme $8

Night Owl Lacquer Shop / FB Group

Sweet & Sour Lacquer

What: July duo release
When: July 2st at 9 am CST

Sweet & Sour Shop / FB Group

Unicorns & The Mythicals Collab

What: Indie collab box featuring a variety of items inspired by unicorns and mythical-related things.
June 25th to July 2nd
Each item is available for individual purchase, prices vary

Unicorns & The Mythicals Shop / FB Group


What: Summer Collection
Pre-order July 2nd through July 11th
Note: Please visit the Cadillacquer Facebook group for more information on stockists

Cadillacquer Shop / FB Group

For The Love Of Polish (FTLOP)

What: FTLOP is a monthly box featuring Pahlish and Polished for Days with a special guest each month.
Guest Maker: Rogue Lacquer
Theme: Sunrises and Sunsets
48 Hour Preorder starting July 2nd through July 4th at 11 am PDT
$30.00 + Shipping

FTLOP Shop / FB Group

Kathleen & Co

What: Summer Shimmers Collection & Summer Cremes
When: July 2nd at 12 pm CST
Price: $12.50 each for shimmers & 10.00 each for cremes

Kathleen & Co Shop / FB Group

MaryJane & Manicures Group Custom

Disclaimer: I did receive this polish as a gift/PR

What: MaryJane & Manicures is a Facebook group for those who like both marijuana and manicures
Guest Maker: Swamp Gloss has created a polish and lip balm duo for July’s custom
When: July 2nd through July 31st
Note: Please check out the MaryJane & Manicures FB group for a discount code

Swamp Gloss Shop / MaryJane & Manicures FB Group

Polish Pickup (PPU)

What: An indie marketplace that is open once a month for four days. Each month features a new theme. This is a pre-order shop.
When: Preorder opens July 2nd at 11 am EST through July 5th
Theme: Rewind

Polish Pickup Store / FB Group

Polished for Days

What: Restock of Wonderful World of Colors + Kiki Do You Love Me? (PPU Rewind) & Returning polishes preorder
When: July 2nd at 2 pm EDT
Price: Varies

Polished for Days Shop / FB Group

Swamp Gloss Polish

Disclaimer: Admin of Swamp Gloss FB Group

What: Mystery Polishes inspired by What We Do In The Shadows, Wax Melts & Body
July 2nd at 9 pm EDT

Swamp Gloss Shop / FB Group

Wildflower Lacquer

What: For the Birds Collection + PPU Rewind & Customs
When: July 2nd at 1 pm EDT

Wildflower Lacquer Shop / FB Group

Anchor & Heart Lacquer

What: PPU Rewind + New Scents
July 3rd

Anchor & Heart Shop / FB Group

Nailed It! Nail Polish

What: The Ocean Secrets Collection + Squirrel PPU Rewind
July 3rd at 5 pm EDT

Nailed It! Shop / FB Group

The Charity Box

What: An indie collaboration dedicated to raising money for various charities
Theme: In The Wild
July 8th through July 17th for Pre-orders
Varies, items are purchased individually

The Charity Box Shop / FB Group

Fandom Flakies

What: Fandom Flakies is a monthly box featuring Bee’s Knees Lacquer and Night Owl Lacquer with a guest maker each month
Guest Maker: Wildflower Lacquer
Theme: Animal Crossing
July 9th through July 16th – Pre-orders
$30.00 + Shipping

Fandom Flakies Shop / FB Group

LynB Designs

What: The Sticker Collection – Polishes inspired by Lisa Frank Stickers
When: July 9th through July 4th
Price: $11.00 each or $99.00 for the whole collection of 11 polishes. Use code STICKER to save 50% through July 13th

LynB Designs Shop / FB Group

Battle of the Bottles – Red Eyed Lacquer

What: Made for the love of all things indie {polish, jewelry, body care, etc). You’ll see amazing exclusive deals from brands you love! Who will win Battle of the Bottles, Arin or Christen?
One Maker, 2 Boxes: Red Eyed Lacquer
July 10th

Battle of the Bottles FB Group


What: Restock, Crystal Ice Caves, and Christmas in July mystery batches
When: July 11th

Pahlish Shop / FB Group

Hella Handmade Creations (HHC)

What: An Indie marketplace that opens once a month featuring a variety of items for pre-order.
July 14th

HHC Shop / FB Group

Polished Gamers Box (PGB)

Disclaimer: I am a PGB paid employee

What: An Indie marketplace that is open once a month. Each month features a new game theme and items are inspired around that them
Theme: Board Games
Pre-orders open July 15th
Items are sold individually, prices vary

PGB Shop / FB Group

Lumen Nails

What: Just Peachy Collection
When: July 16th at 9 pm EDT through July 23rd at 12 am EDT

Lumen Nails Shop / FB Group

Supernatural Lacquer

What: PPU Rewind + Mysteries
July 16th through July 25th

Supernatural Shop / FB Group

Talk Indie To Me Collab


1422 Designs


Little Box of Horrors

July 18th through the 30th

Bee’s Knees Lacquer


Sparkle & Shine Box