Mani X Me October 2018 Unboxing

Mani X Me October 2018 Unboxing

Roll out the red carpet, there’s a new subscription box in town! Maniology presents: Mani x Me. Mani x Me is a monthly subscription box packed full of nail art goodies.

Mani x Me October 2018 Box

Every month you’ll receive…

  • Exclusive Stamping Plates – Just for subscribers
  • 2 New Coordinated Stamping Polishes
  • A Surprise Gift Each Month
  • U.S. Shipping
“Kawaii Halloween” October 2018

The Details:

Mani x Me has three different pricing tiers to fit any budget. A month to month subscription is $25.00. Signing up for 3 months will gain you a 10% discount $22.50 a month ($67.50 pre-pay for 3 months). Going all in with a 6 month subscription will reward you with a 20% discount making each box $20 a month ($120 pre-pay for 6 months). Shipping and handling is always free on a purchase of $25.00 or more on anything on the Maniology website.

At this time the box is only shipping in the United States.

These plates are truly both sweet and spooky

Mani x Me October 2018 “Kawaii Halloween” Unboxing and Review

What’s in the box?

* Kawaii Halloween themed stamping plates (2) *
* Boy’s Tears and Corpse Flower stamping polishes *
* Sweet and Spooky temporary cuticle tattoos (2) *
* Squishy Ice Cube Stamper (1) *
* Mini Maniology scraper card (1) *
* Pineapple gummy treat (2) *

Boys Tears Polish and M008 Plate

The Review

Mani x Me Monthly club is a monthly subscription box packed full of nail art goodies. I’m sold, take my money.  I’ve dabbled in subscription boxes that have caught my eye over the years, but I’ve never been as excited for one as Mani X Me. As always, Maniology’s shipping was super fast and I received my box a few days later. After receiving the box I wasn’t disappointed.

1st Box Price Breakdown

The average price of a Maniology stamping plate is $6.50. Since the plates that come in the Mani x Me box are exclusive to the box I think it’s fair to bump the plates up to $8.50 each. Polishes go for about $6.50 each, for two that’d be $13.00. I wasn’t able to find any cuticle tattoos on the website, but I’m going to compare them to Rub-On Nail Decals for $6.50. Clear Stamper & Scraper Set is $10.00.

Totally in at $46.50.

Each box after your first a Clear Stamper & Scraper Set is not included. Price total after first box: $36.50

Corpse Flower Polish and M008 Plate

For me, this is a great deal. I’m picking up exclusive stamping plates, polishes and additional surprise gifts for $25.00 (free shipping). This box will allow me to further my stamping collection with curated Maniology products. Additionally, Maniology continues to spoil Mani X Me subscribers by letting them earn 50% more stamps in their Mani Circle rewards program. Also, a portion of Mani X Me proceeds help support YWCA O’ahu.

I’ll be giving the Mani x Me box 5 out of 5 stars. I’m excitedly looking forward to November’s box.

Unfortunately, October’s box is sold out, but if you want November’s box make sure you sign up on their waitlist. Save $5.00 off your first box by clicking here.