Pickup Wrapup

Pickup Wrapup

Polish Pickup is an e-pop up boutique store/event that happens every month in the indie polish world. Each month is paired with a theme and offers a wide variety of polish colors from Indie polish brands. September 2018’s theme was Horror Movies and I picked up a few goodies I’d like to share with you.

If you’re a fan of this blog, you’ll know that I do a highlight of the polishes I pick up from each polish pickup and why I chose them. Pickup Wrapup features those same polishes swatched by me and accompanied with an inspired manicure. I also give a mini review and/or why I love the polish.


Scofflaw Nail Varnish’s “The Love Witch” Inspired by The Love Witch

Why I love it: Jeez guys, this polish is filled with retro goodies like mint, aqua and red glitters to be finished with a rose shimmer. The Love Witch is a modern cult classic with technicolor vibes from the 1970’s. It’s tag line is “She Loved Men… To Death” and after watching The Love Witch I can confirm this is true. After painting my fingers with the coral pink crelly I can confirm that Scofflaw really nailed the color pallet of The Love Witch.

Scofflaw Varnish | Scofflaw Varnish Facebook | Polish Pickup


Supermoon Lacquer’s “Sliced and Diced” Inspired by Scream

Is anyone else a super big fan of Scream like me? Honestly, Super Moon Lacquer’s polish pickup could have been the pretty ugliest color and I would have still bought it. That’s just one of the many things I love about Polish Pickup. With their monthly themes even an obscure fandom will be offered up. Not that Scream is obscure, I mean, the movie was quickly made into a series of movies and then later a TV show. If you’re not into horror movies you’ll still fall in love with this polish as it’s drop dead gorgeous.

Sliced and Diced starts you off with a black holographic base which is filled with shifting shimmers to create an aurora of color one might kill for. The polish applied evenly, looks fantastic on and even stamps well!

Supermoon Lacquer Supermoon Lacquer FB Group | Polish Pickup

Vibrant Vinyls’ “Out For Blood” Inspired by The Lost Boys

Why I love it: Guys, I was super behind in the wild and wonderful world of top coats. I had been flouncing around with this super well known brand top coat that was making me frown every time I used it. My world was turned right side up when I received Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard top coat. My biggest concern with the base coat I had previously used was that it didn’t apply evenly and sucked the life out of my manicures. Super bummer.

Thankfully, Fast and Hard lives up to it’s name. It dries super quick and it smells amaaaaazing. Surprisingly good. So good I need a cupcake. Like, I didn’t even know base coats could be scented. This baby takes a deep dive into citrus scents. There’s grapefruit and blood orange, paired with other citrus zests.

Vibrant Vinyls | Vibrant Vinyls FB Group | Polish Pickup


Pepper Pot Polish’s “I Know I’m Human” Inspired by The Thing

Why I love it! I have a confession to make. I’ve never seen The Thing. Why is this important? Pepper Pot Polish was inspired by The Thing to create this gorgeous polish. I purchased this baby based only on the color. Look at that deep dark navy blue with red hex glitters!! I’m glad Pepper Pot Polish didn’t stop there. Beyond the red hexes you’ve got rainbow flakies, purply blue iridescent glitters and violet shimmers. I’m an immediate fan of Pepper Pot from this polish alone. Polish Pickup Perk.

Pepper Pot Polish | Pepper Pot Polish Facebook | Polish Pickup

Now I want to hear from all of you! Do you participate in polish pickup? If you did, let me know what you got in the comments. Did you pickup any of these polishes? I want to know this so we can gush about them together.