Meet the “Lacquers”

Meet the “Lacquers”

Me stepping into the nail world was like Kady to Regina George and the rest of the plastics on that fateful day in the school cafeteria.

Meet the “Plastics” Scene for reference. 

Nail Polish: Why don’t I know you?
Me: I’m new, I just moved here from Africa.
NP: What?
Me: I use to bite my fingernails.
NP: Wait, what?
Me: I had a bad habit where I would…
NP: No, no, I know what nail-biting is. So you’ve actually never painted your nails before?
Me: Nope, *shrugs shoulders*
NP: Shut up. Shut up!
Me: I didn’t say anything.

If you forget this is the first time we hear Fetch. I encourage everyone to go watch it. Even if you just watched Mean Girls five minutes ago, but especially if you’ve never seen it and if you’re currently watching Mean Girls – you are awesome. Let’s be best friends.

I love Mean Girls. This will come up often, I’m sure. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter. Seriously. Show up to a gathering where you don’t really know anyone? Bring up Mean Girls in light conversation and have three new friends before the end of the night.

There are actually two polishes this month in Polish Pickup that ran fabulously in the direction of Mean Girls. This month’s theme is Villains so of course, it fits the bill to have Regina George as a polish. First up, Cuticula is doing what it does best and offering up a Blush Dreams Duo inspired by the queen of the plastics. Secondly, Crystal Knockout brings up Fabulous But Evil. What a great name!

Unfortunately, I didn’t pick up either of these because budgets, but I’m really happy to see Regina being represented. If you do want to grab these you have limited time. Polish Pickup is only open this weekend. There are a bunch of other fabulous polishes available as well.

If you miss this month of Polish Pickup, sad. But make sure you don’t miss November and it’s Badass Women theme. This is where I will beg and plead for someone to make a Tina Fey inspired polish. She’s in my top five of badass women. Not only is she a great role model, especially to women, she’s also forever inspiring and motivating for all of us!