October 2021 – Everything Coming Soon

October 2021 – Everything Coming Soon

Welcome to Everything Coming Soon – October 2021. NEWS! If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that the ECS series has featured mostly, if not exclusively, (indie) nail polish releases. Butttttt the indie community (of nail polish) is expanding month after month! With more boxes and collabs there are more indie things other than nail polish being featured in them. EXCITING TIMES!

It’s been decided, as the community expands so will Planet Lacquer. There are so many amazing indie makers beyond nail polish that are on my radar and I want to share ’em with y’all! ^.^

If this is your first time here… Hi! Everything Coming Soon is a post series featuring all the upcoming releases in one place. Or, at least, all the things on my radar. If you know of any releases I’m missing please comment below or Share A Release and I’ll add them! Releases are listed by date.

Here’s a nifty time zone map to help figure out when releases launch for you!

Note: It’s important to note that this post won’t really be finalized until the end of the month. As new events are created and discovered they will be added. It’s an ever-evolving updated every Sunday-ish feed. Want to stay up to date? Subscribe to the blog newsletter!

I’m so happy to have you here and using this post as a reference guide to help shop each month. I do my best to provide the most accurate information, but it’s important to keep in mind that dates and prices are always subject to change after I enter them into the post. You can always find more information on releases from brand shops and Facebook Group. Thanks for stopping by!

Ananda Body Care – New to the list!

Ananada Body Care is handmade, eco-friendly & 100% vegan high-quality body care items. From bath bombs to body oil and lotion bars and sugar scrubs. Lip balms!

What: Halloween Collection (there’s a soap bar in the shape of a spoopy bat and it’s ADORABLE)
When: 10/1
Price: Varies

Ananada Body Care Shop / Instagram

Broadwa Wax – New to the list!

Ready to ship wax melts, monthly themed subscription box, musical/broadway inspired.

What: Inspired by the musical Beetlejuice + RTS
When: 10/1

Shop / FB Group

Polish Pickup

What: An indie marketplace that is open once a month for four days. Each month features a new theme. This is a pre-order shop.
When: 1st – 5th
Theme: Monsters & Mythical Creatures

Polish Pickup Store / FB Group

Hexennacht – New to the list!

Perfume, jewelry, body oil, incense, hair/beard oil. I’m obsessed with this house (the indie way of saying perfume shop). I need you to check out the shop. You’ll quickly know if it’s your thing or not (it’ll probably be a you sort of thing 🙂 )

What: Resurrected Scents
When: 10/4

Shop / FB Group

Garden Path Lacquer

(formerly Lollipop Posse)

What: Heads Will Roll Halloween Collection
When: 10/6
Price: $12.50 each or $57.00 for the whole collection

Garden Path Shop / FB Group

Charity Box

What: An indie collaboration dedicated to raising money for various charities
Theme: Steampunk
7th – 17th
Varies, items are purchased individually

The Charity Box Shop / FB Group

Red Eyed Lacquer

What: Restock
When: 10/7
Price: See Shop

Red Eyed Lacquer Shop

Solar Powered Nail Polish FB Custom

What: For fans of Solor Powered Nail Polish – Monthly custom created by Color Spectrum Polish
When: 10/8

Shop / FB Group

Dam Nail Polish

What: Astronomical Collection 2
When: 10/8
Price: See Shop

Shop / FB Group

Fandom Flakies Box

What: Fandom Flakies is a monthly box featuring Bee’s Knees Lacquer and Night Owl Lacquer with a guest maker each month
Guest Maker: Baroness X
When: 10/8 -10/15
Price: $30 + Shipping

Fandom Flakies Shop / FB Group

Kathleen & Co

What: Fall Cremes & Fall Collection
When: 10/8

Shop / FB Group


What: Hocus Pocus Collection
When: 10/8
Price: Varies – Use code HOCUS to save 50% off through 10/12

Shop / FB Group

Mr. Hex – New to the list!

Perfume oil roll-ons, designer duplicate scents. Husband of Hexennacht. Cat fella.

What: Spooky Season Scents in roll-on & body oil
When: 10/8


Olive Polish Group Custom

What: Olive Polish Facebook group is a place for lovers of the color olive
Guest Maker: Wildflower Lacquer
When: 10/8 -10/13
Price: See Shop

Olive Polish FB Group

Wildflower Lacquer

What: Kois from the Swamp Collection
When: 10/8 at 1 pm EDT – 10/13
Price: See Shop

Wildflower Shop / FB Group

Adored Colors

What: Fall Collection
When: 10/9 at 10 am EST
Price: See Shop

Adored Colors Shop

Potion Polish

What: New Trio, The Coven, and Restock
When: 10/9
Price: See shop

Shop / FB Group

Baby Bat Beauty – New to the list!

Cute & creepy cosmetics for your every desire.

What: Halloween Liquid Lipstick Restock
When: 10/10


Nailed It!

What: Supernatural Fan Favs!
When: 10/6
Price: 11pm EDT

Nailed It! Shop / FB Group

Red Eyed Lacquer

What: Advent Calendar Preorder
When: 10/1-10/24

Shop / FB Group

Twisted Allure – New to the list!

Twisted Allure is an indie Dark & Twisted soap maker. Think vibrantly packaged hand soap, bath bombs, body washes, and more oh my! horror-themed items.

What: Halloween Restock
When: 10/10 at 3 pm PST
Price: See Shop

Twisted Allure Shop / Instagram

The Twisted Dame – New to the list!

The Twisted Dame is an indie bath, body, and wax shop. From the shop: based on dark sophistication and is as complex as the woman who runs it. It’s a drop of daring, a dram of deviant, and an abundance of disillusionment.

What: Nightmare Before Christmas launch
When: 10/10 12 pm MST (3 pm EST)
Price: Varies

The Twisted Dame Shop / FB Group

Polish Pak

What: Charity Polish for Indigenous Peoples Day
When: 10/11
Price: See Shop

Polish Pak Shop

Hella Handmade Creations (HHC)

What: An Indie marketplace that opens once a month featuring a variety of items for pre-order.
September 14th through September 22nd (Pre-order)

HHC Shop / FB Group

Lil Fang Lacquer – New to the list!

What: 2021 Halloween Collection inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe
When: 10/14

Shop / FB Group

Rosegirls Wax

Wax for melting 🙂

What: Pre-order featuring Mario Bros inspired blends and blends created by fans
When: 10/14 – 10/17

Shop / FB Group


What: Shattered Fantasy Collection
When: 10/15

Shop / FB Group

Krisable Designs

What: Fall Quad
When: 10/15
Price: See Shop

Krisable Deisgns Shop

Polished Gamers Box (PGB)

What: An Indie marketplace that is open once a month. Each month features a new game theme and items are inspired around that them
Theme: The Sims
When: October 15th through September 20th (Pre-order)
Items are sold individually, prices vary

PGB Shop / FB Group

Scofflaw Nail Varnish

What: The Halloween Collection
When: 10/15 7 pm CST
Price: Varies


Villainous Wax – New to the list!

Wax melts and body products inspired by popular movie villains, fandoms, and all things spooky!!

What: November Sub Box Opens
When: 10/15

Shop / FB Group

Alchemy Lacquers

What: Cryptids Collection
When: 10/16 at 12 pm EST

Shop / FB Group

Swamp Gloss

What: Restock + Critters Custom
When: 10/17

Shop / FB Group

BCB Lacquers

What: The Coraline Collection
When: 10/222 at 6 pm ET

Shop / FB Group

LynB Designs

What: Costume Collection
When: 10/22

Shop / FB Group

Night Owl Lacquer

What: Fall 2021 Collection + Oct & Nov Creme of the Month
When: 10/22 at 6:00 pm MDT

Shop / FB Group

Red Eyed Lacquer

What: Supernatural Themed Collection
When: 10/22

Shop / FB Group

Daveen Lacquer

What: Halloween Collection
When: 10/223
Price: Varies

Daveen Lacquer Shop / FB Group

Geeky Bee’s Nails

What: Time of the Nine (Vol 2) – Fall colors inspired by the music of the band Slipknot
When: 10/23
Price: See Shop

Geeky Bee’s Nails Shop / FB Group


What: Bath & Body Restock
When: 10/23 at 2 pm CT

Shop / FB Group


What: Restock
When: 10/24

Shop / FB Group

Cupcake Polish

What: Linear Holo Collection
When: 10/25

Shop / FB Group

Bee’s Knees Lacquer

What: AHS – Red Tide
When: 10/29 at 7 pm EST
Price: Varies

BKL Shop / FB Group

Britta’s Creepy Treasures – New to the list!

Scented wax melts in cool creepy shapes

Has been canceled – see fb group for more info
What: Ready to Shit Restock
When: 10/30

Shop / FB Group