September 2021 – Everything Coming Soon

September 2021 – Everything Coming Soon

Welcome to Everything Coming Soon – September 2021. All the upcoming releases are in one place. Or, at least, all the things on my radar. If you know of any releases I’m missing please comment below or Share A Release and I’ll add them! Releases are listed by date.

It’s important to note that this post won’t really be finalized until the end of the month. As new events are created and discovered they will be added. It’s an ever-evolving updated every Sunday-ish feed. Want to stay up to date? Subscribe to the blog!

Note: I’m so happy to have you here and using this post as a reference guide to help shop each month. I do my best to provide the most accurate information, but it’s important to keep in mind that dates and prices are always subject to change after I enter them into the post. You can always find more information on releases from brand shops and Facebook Group. Thanks for stopping by!

Paint Polish

What: Army Collection inspired by Kpop BTS
When: September
Info: Due to current situations, Paint Polish is unable to ship polish outside of the Philippines.
Price: Varies

FB Page / Paint Polish Shop


What: Countdown to Halloween Box
When: Launching Sept 3rd
Info: First round of boxes has already sold out, but more have been added. Available until 9/30 or until they sell out again. The estimated shipping is October 8th. Choose between 13 or 20 days of fun.
Price: 13 days of Manis is $75.00, 20 days of fun is $110.00

Beautometry Shop

Ethereal Lacquer

What: Thorns & Roses
September 3rd at 9 pm EDT

Ethereal Lacquer Shop / FB Group

Polish Pickup (PPU)

What: An indie marketplace that is open once a month for four days. Each month features a new theme. This is a pre-order shop.
When: 3rd through the 7th (Pre-order)
Theme: Trick or Treat

Polish Pickup Store / FB Group

4th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Box – Hosted by Hearts & Promises

What: Once a year indie collab for Breast Cancer Awareness – a percentage of every purchase is donated to breast cancer research
When: 5th to the 13th (12 AM EDT)
Price: Varies. Can purchase all items (whole box) for $265.00 or just polish items for $215. Can also buy individual items for varying prices.

Annual BCA Shop

Nailed It!

What: 6th Indieversary Collect
When: 9/5 5 pm EDT – 9/12 12:55 am EDT
Price: See Shop

Nailed It! Shop / FB Group

Tynie Nail Polish

What: Fall/Winter Collection
When: September 8th
Price: Grab the whole seven-piece collection for $55.00 or individually for $9.00 each

FB Page / Tynie Nail Polish Shop

Painted Polish

What: Keep Calm & Brew On Collection
When: 9/9 5 pm EST
Price: See Shop

Painted Polish Shop / FB Group

Wildflower Lacquer

What: Happy Little Polishes Collection – Bob Ross Inspired
September 9th through September 14th

Wildflower Lacquer Shop / FB Group


What: Autumn Palette Collection
When: 8 am PST Sept 10th
Price: $12.50 each or $70.00 for the whole collection

Cuticula Shop

Colores de Carol

What: Halloween Collection
When: 9/10
Price: See Shop

Fandom Flakies

What: Fandom Flakies is a monthly box featuring Bee’s Knees Lacquer and Night Owl Lacquer with a guest maker each month
Guest Maker: Nailed It!
Theme: Coraline
9/10 to 9/17 – Pre-orders
 $30.00 + Shipping

Fandom Flakies Shop / FB Group


What: New Collection
When: 10th at 12 pm EDT through the 14th
Price: Varies. Use code ROCKY to get 50% off

Moon Shine Mani

What: Hitchcock Halloween Collection
When: 9/10
Price: See Shop

FB Group / Moon Shine Mani Shop

Noodles Nail Polish

What: Fall 2021 Collection
When: 9/10 5 pm EST
Price: $9.50 – $10.00 per polish

Noodles Nail Polish Shop

Olive Polish Group Custom

What: Olive Polish Facebook group is a place for lovers of the color olive
Guest Maker: Rogue Lacquer
When: 9/10
Price: See Shop

Olive Polish FB Group

Psyche Minerals

What: Cozy Grove inspired trio + mystery polish
When: 9/10
Price: Varies

Psyche Minerals Shop

Red Panda Lacquer

What: Puella Magi Madoka Magica themed collection & Cryptid themed Halloween trio
When: 9/10
Price: See Shop

Red Panda Shop

Rogue Lacquer

What: Fall Collection
When: 9/10
Price: See Shop

FB Group / Rogue Lacquer Shop

Tonic Nail Polish

What: Fall Collection
When: 8 pm EDT Sept 10th
Price: See Shop

Tonic Shop

Adored Colors

What: Glow-Oh-We-en Collection
When: Available September 11th at 10 am EST
Price: Varies

Adored Colors Shop

The Charity Box

What: An indie collaboration dedicated to raising money for various charities
Theme: Tea Party
September 9th through September 18th – Pre-order
Varies, items are purchased individually

The Charity Box Shop / FB Group

Hella Handmade Creations (HHC)

What: An Indie marketplace that opens once a month featuring a variety of items for pre-order.
September 14th through September 22nd (Pre-order)

HHC Shop / FB Group

Black Hearted Beauties / Lacquered in White / Holo-Maniacs / Fantastic Flakies Facebook Group Customs by BKL

What: 4 Facebook group customs, 4 polishes, 1 maker: Bee’s Knees Lacquer
Theme: Fear Street
When: Available for preorder 9/15 – 9/30
How: Check out the groups for the secret link, purchase from BKL’s shop
Price: $12-$13 each

Black Hearted Beauties / Lacquered in White / Holo-Maniacs / Fantastic Flakies Facebook
BKL Shop

Polished Gamers Box (PGB)

Disclaimer: I am a PGB paid employee

What: An Indie marketplace that is open once a month. Each month features a new game theme and items are inspired around that them
Theme: Night at the Arcade
September 15th through September 20th (Pre-order)
Items are sold individually, prices vary

PGB Shop / FB Group / Nerd Life Nails Blog Post

Color Spectrum Polish

What: Halloween Trio
When: September 17th at 11:00 am EST
Price: See site

Color Spectrum Shop

Krisable Designs

What: Under the Sea Collection
When: September 17th
Price: Varies

Moonflower Polish

What: Fall Collection
When: September 17th at 9 am
Price: Varies

Talk Indie To ME (TITM)

What: A bi-monthly creme polish box featuring Zombie Claw polish and Lacquer Is In The Air
When: 17th through 20th (Pre-order)
Price: 4 polishes for $32.00 + $4 (domestic) shipping

TITM Shop – hosted by Lacquer Is In The Air / FB Group

Little Box of Horrors

Theme: All That is Halloween
18th through the 30th (Pre-order)
Items are sold individually, prices vary

Little Box of Horrors Shop / FB Group

Swamp Gloss Polish

Disclaimer: I am a group admin for Swamp Gloss Critters

What: Indieversary Marvel Release!
When: September 18th at 1 pm EDT

Swamp Gloss Shop / FB Group
Swatches by: NerdLifeNails Blog /

Emily de Molly

What: New Collection
When: 9/19 8 pm EDT
Price: See Shop

Emily de Molly AU Shop / US Shop

Jen & Berries

What: 2nd Anniversary Star Trek
When: 9/19
Price: See Shop

FB Group

Polished For Days

What: Autumn Leaves Collection
When: 9/20 11 am PDT
Price: See shop

Polished For Days Shop

Sparkle & Shine

What: Sparkle & Shine is a monthly collab box featuring Naild It! and Wildflower Lacquer with a guest maker each month
Theme: Horror Movies
Guest Maker: Garden Path Lacquers
When: 20th through 28th (Pre-order)
Price: Varies

Sparkle & Shine Shop / FB Group

BCB Lacquers

What: Candy Corn Collection + Monthly Gemstone: Opal
When: 9/24 12 pm EST
Price: $42.00 for the entire set of 4 or $12 individually

BCB Lacquers Shop / Facebook Group / Instagram / TikTok

Bee’s Knees Lacquer

What: Anniversary Launch
Theme: Fear Street
When: 9/24 at 7 pm EDT
Price: $12 – $15 for new collection polishes – see shop and group for more information

Bee’s Knees Shop / FB Group

Ethereal + Niesh

What: Eucalyptus Collaboration between Ethereal (polish) and Niesh (jewelry)
When: 9/2224 at 6 pm EDT Preorder
Price: See Shop

Ethereal Shop

Geeky Bee’s Nail Color

What: Time of the Nine (Volume 1) collection
When: Launches 9/25
Inspiration: The music of the band Slipknot
Price: Varies

Geeky Bees Nails Shop

Vapid Lacquer

What: Fall Collection + Resin pieces
When: 9/25
Price: See Shop

Vapid Lacquer Shop / FB Group

Sparkle & Shine

What: Sparkle & Shine is a bi-monthly box featuring Nailed It! and Wildflower Lacquer with a guest maker each month
Guest Maker: Garden Path
Theme: Horror Movies
When: 9/20 at 8 pm EDT – 9/28 at 12:55 am EDT (pre-orders)
Price: $34.00 + Shipping

Sparkle & Shine Shop / FB Group

Sweet & Sour Lacquer

What: Birthday Bash! 2 collections releasing for makers birthday. Happy Birthday!
When: 9/28