‘Sup by Swamp Gloss

‘Sup by Swamp Gloss

PR Sample

Imagine chopper blades heard from overhead. A rope drops to the ground and Cassie Cage zips down headfirst with one arm outreached in front of her, a pistol in hand. Her head inches from the ground, Cassie blows a bubble with her gum. It pops and she nonchalantly asks “‘Sup” as if she were meeting a friend for a latte instead of entering a deathmatch.

If you haven’t guessed it, Swamp Gloss’s inspiration for this month’s Mortal Kombat themed Polished Gamers Box is from Cassie Cage. Everyone’s favorite love child between Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade (also Mortal Kombat champions). Cassie is basically the gun-totin’, bubble gum poppin’, millennial princess of the series. She’s got charm, wit, and enough CUTE BADASS to take over the world.

Oh, you didn’t come here to listen to me fangirl over one of my favorite Mortal Kombat characters? You’re here for tinted periwinkle amazing creation from Swamp Gloss?!?! Why didn’t you say so?? Let’s get to it!

‘Sup Swatches!

Pictured here is a swatch of 'Sup by Swamp Gloss is a periwinkle tinted nail polish by Swamp Gloss Polish. Artificial light.
‘Sup by Swamp Gloss

‘Sup is a tinted periwinkle loaded with two shifty aurora shimmers from purple to red and red to green! check out the bottle shots below for more shimmer goodness. Make sure you pay equal attention to the flakes!

Pictured here is a single finger macro shot of 'Sup by Swamp Gloss - a tinted periwinkle nail polish with shimmer and flakies. It looks like bottled fairy dust.
#youredead after falling in love with this macro

Look at those crystal chameleon flakes that shift pink/green/gold and purple/red/gold. I dunno friends, crystal chameleon flakes might be my favorite?! It’s not exactly a secret that I’m also in love with ALL flakies. You can’t make me choose!


All of my pictures above and below are of three coats with a quick-dry topcoat. Personally, I’ve never had any issues with the application of Swamp Gloss polishes, and ‘Sup didn’t disappoint. I’ve been wearing this polish for almost a week with no chipping.

This is impressive! I’m in the tail end of moving from one place to another. Picking up boxes, putting them into my car, taking them back out. That’s a lot of danger for nails!

Sup by Swamp Gloss pictured here in matte natural sunlight
‘Sup matte captured in natural day light

The crystal chameleon flakes and aurora shimmers blend seamlessly together in this tinted periwinkle. ‘Sup is a perfect summer pastel that you could wear to any casual event. Including sitting on the couch with your cat watching Netflix. It’s delicately bold and beautiful.

Nail Art!!

Now, y’all know I love me some nail art. I really wanted to represent ‘Sup with some bubblegum stamping. I’ve hunted high and low for a stamping plate that could make my Hubba Bubba dreams come true. Even with every stone turned I wasn’t able to find any! If you know of a bubble gum image on a stamping plate PLEASE let me know in the comments!

Pictured here is the bottom of the nail polish bottle of 'Sup by Swamp Gloss showing off the label that says 'Sup Polished Gamers Box July '20 with painted middle finger nail with black stamped nail art saying "Pow!"
Cassie Cage: “Somebody gonna clean this up?”
Pictured here is a swatch of 'Sup by Swamp Gloss a tinted periwinkle by Swamp Gloss with nail stamping art stamped in black. On the pointer finger are black X's, middle finger "Pow!", pointer finger "#lol" and pinky finger a small heart with "STFU" in tiny text.
Cassie Cage Inspired Nail Art

‘Sup Wrap Up

Everything you need to know about ‘Sup

  • ‘Sup is a tinted periwinkle loaded with shifty aurora shimmers and chameleon flakes
  • Offered for $12.50
  • Capped! Only 50 of these babes are available. Ninja fingers may be needed.

You’re invited to…July’s Polished Gamers Box featuring Mortal Kombat as July’s theme! Yes, YOU! Won’t you join me?

  • When is ‘Sup available? July 15th through July 20th
  • Buuuuut where?!?! HERE: Polished Gamers Box
  • Why does it want me to put in a password? The box isn’t ready yet! Come back on the 15th at 2:00 pm EST
  • What should I do till then?? Join us on the Facebook Group. Join us! Join us!
Polished Gamers Box logo featuring this months theme of Mortal Kombat
July 15th – 20th

More Polished Gamers info:

  • Polished Gamers box is an ala-carte type box (think polish pickup)
  • It opens on the 15th of every month and closes on the 20th
  • These are pre-orders
  • TAT is 3-4 weeks
  • More info found here!

Alright friends, we’ve made it to the end. But if you’re not ready for the fun to stop may I suggest listening to the Cassie Cage playlist I created while you check out Swamp Gloss’s website. Or a different Swamp Gloss polish I’ve shouted written about.

Most importantly, continue to drool over ‘Sup and make sure to pick up your own bottle. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Nail polish brush macro shot of 'Sup by Swamp Gloss is a periwinkle tinted nail polish swatched by Britta created by Swamp Gloss Nail Polish